Design a Computer Arts cover and Also win #500

Computer Arts has a history of showcasing and supporting new talent, in addition to creating eye-catching, advanced covers. Currently in its fourth year, Pc Arts’ annual cover design contest — in partnership with its friends in D&AD New Blood– returns the summer by a search for a different exciting new cover artist.

And the staff has its most exciting print finish yet that you play with, courtesy of printing finishing partners Celloglas: Mirri. Keep Reading to find out more…

Win a #500 commission

The short is simple: create an original cover case for CA’s New Talent unique, an annual celebration of the best graduate talent from around the united kingdom. Just submit a sketch/scamp/mockup of your concept, using a short paragraph (100 words max) explaining it — complete details about how best to enter are listed below.

The winning entry will receive a commission fee of #500, also will be featured in the magazine and about Creative Bloq. Computer Arts will also contain selected highlights from the shortlisted entries.

Who’s qualified to enter?

The staff are keen to commission someone that they haven’t encounter or worked together    before, or so the short is only offered to current students and recent graduates (within the past two years). Older pupils are welcome of course!

Get creative with printing finishes

This can be CA’s fourth cover design contest, and its print finishing spouse has supported it since the start, with advanced special treatments to boost the winning layouts.

In 2014, Paddy O’Hara’s winning style utilized a simple graphic metaphor of      a glass of lemonade surrounded by lemons to reflect new gift standing out from the audience — and Celloglas applied a zesty lemon odor to the final print.

2015’s winning style by Julia Frances depicted a young designer hammered inside a ‘gift terrarium’, surrounded by foliage and plants — here, Celloglas made a transparent glitter foil above the dome to incorporate eye shadow sparkle.

And in 2016, Krystina Chapman literally composed the destiny of the calendar year’s crop of fresh art in the stars, using a constellation-inspired layout. Each celebrity was stamped using a rainbow diffuser foil, while a blue-tinted pearlescent varnish gave the nighttime sky a fashionable shimmer.

Yet more, Computer Arts is teaming up with Celloglas — this year it’s made a much more particular print finish available to all entrants to think about as part of your style from the beginning: Mirri.

How Mirri functions

More common in luxury packaging applications than editorial, Mirri is a luxurious metallic laminate, available in silver, gold and a wide array of colours, in addition to holographic and iridescent types.

It will first be used to CA’s cap inventory, and then the winning design will be printed on top in CMYK, using a metallic shimmering effect beneath. Where you can really get creative with all the finish, however, is by ‘underpinning’ particular regions of the layout with white, to make them opaque — and actually punch out.

If you want to learn more about how this therapy works and how you can apply it efficiently, email .

Where to draw inspiration

The New Talent specific (matter 269) is published in the end of July, as grad show year has a closefriend. It will include a protracted attribute on the rising stars of style and illustration.

Much like previous decades, themes like    ‘fresh talent’, ‘ ‘rising stars’ or ‘getting detected’ may be potential starting points — but feel free to be creative and research something    much more abstract and conceptual.

Don’t forget to make full use of Celloglas’ Mirri finish within your concept, and think about how a white ‘underpin’ foundation layer can be utilized to turn the glistening metallic finish on and off in certain regions — we all look forward to seeing just how creative you can be with this stunning printing therapy.

The best way to enter

Publish a mockup of your concept, a short paragraph  (100 words max) explaining it, along with a URL for your portfolio, to

Entries will be judged by the CA team based on ingenuity of concept, its  suitability to be used as a magazine cover, and also the quality of your    current portfolio — and the winner will receive a paid commission to develop it into a final cover with direction from CA’s artwork editor.

Deadline for entries: Midnight (BST) Friday 2 June 2017

We will also showcase a range of the best entries on Creative Bloq, including a paragraph about the artist plus a portfolio connection. Very good luck!

Hi-res artwork (or any amends!) Will only be asked from the chosen designer once the commission is set up. All IP stays with the creators, before a contract is put up with the winner.