Best Design Exhibits at The Salon Art + Design 2017, New York

Best Layout Exhibits in The Salon Art + Design 2017, New York


Top Design Exhibits at The Salon Art + Design 2017, New York

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(Courtesy: Maison Goyard)

Park Avenue Armory opened its doors yesterday to The Salon Art + Design 2017, New York’s most celebrated art and design event.      

This is our selection of these not-to-be-missed highlights and top design displays to check out in the five-day event that runs through November 13, 2017.    

Limited Length by Thomas Pheasant and Achille Salvagni in Maison Gerard

Maison Gerard debuts limited-edition functions of famous interior designer Thomas Pheasant in the Salon, such as the cascading “Willow” chandelier in clip diamond and cast bronze, and the striking “Origami” lounge seat in textured bronze using asymmetrically half-folded base. Maison Gerard also offers a tablet collection of functions from Rome-based architect and interior designer Achille Salvagni such as a mirror set into carved onyx “Oyster,” a side seat “Papillia,” and a cast bronze cabinet using blue lapis lazuli detailing “Palatino.”

Exquisite Italian jewellery by Giampiero Bodino

This year, Salon Art + Design includes a distinctive jewel-box exhibition of never-before-seen pieces by Italian High heeled Maison Giampiero Bodino. Housed at the Armory’s famed Library Room, each piece features Giampiero Bodino’s passion for luxury and beauty craftsmanship, suspended in the designer’s deepest private emotions and evoking the rich cultural heritage of Italy.

Contemporary Ceramics and Wood Sculptures at Moderne Gallery

Moderne Gallery introduces contemporary ceramic works and sculptures by French artist Karima Duchamp and Neil Tetkowski; functions from the 1950s and 1960s by American ceramicist Estelle Halper; and functions of Japanese-American ceramicist Makoto Yabe, together with a rare display of Takaezu “trees” initially installed at Cedar Crest College. The gallery also brings Edward Moulthrop’s famous vintage polished wood bowls, Robyn Horn’s modern wood figurines, Richard Roesch’s steel sculpture out of 1983, and Harry Bertoia’s uncommon Somnambient sculpture.

A Vintage Collection of Trunks from Maison Goyard

Maison Goyard gifts “Continuity of Heritage/Heritage of Continuity,” its elegant and timeless assortment of trunks for the contemporary age. Maison Goyard was perfecting its art of making a timeless back since 1853, constantly reinventing itself and yet staying suspended in conventional craftsmanship to guarantee timeless elegance and quality.

Eclectic Lamps and Rugs in Giustini/Stagetti Galleria O. Roma

Giustini / / Stagetti Galleria O. Roma gifts lamps by Formafantasma — motivated in shape, color, and substance from the city of Rome and its architecture. Their “Delta” group, such as a wall lamp, has been introduced for the first time at the USA. Allegra Hicks’ exclusive carpets, which she created as a tribute to both designer Pao Ying Wang and her jewellery, are also a part of this display. The carpets are inspired from the East, and feature decorative motifs on natural fibers.  

The Salon Art + Design runs from November 9 through November 13, 2017 in Park Avenue Armory in New York.

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Art and Design Converge in The Study

The table was set for 40. Stevie Wonder seamlessly transitioned into Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five in the DJ’s turntable. Top-shelf tequila flowed, burning candles filled with atmosphere with bergamot and teak, and sumptuous floral arrangements punctuated a whitegold, crystal and gold table-scape.  

One thing was clear: Jacqueline Levine and Sarah and Saba Jawda understand just how to throw a party.

The prior is a Houston-grown, L.A.-based urban legend who uses the moniker JALE; the latter, with a group of stylish sisters behind full size H-Town design company Jawda+Jawda.

The most likely trio joined forces to offer “The Study,” a temporary space at 7800 Washington that homes the collaboration between Levine and the Jawdas’ vacation pop-up shop.

The mixed-use space, a fresh acquisition by programmer Levcor–based and fronted by Levine’s father, Larry–will finally house loft offices, furniture showrooms and also a restaurant in Houston’s urban center. The project is presently leasing tenants to get an early 2018 move-in.

For the time being, though, its corner area is now home to the pop-up envisioned, pre-Harvey, by Levine and the Jawdas. Their vacation shop is open every day from 11%–seven p.m. through December 23.

Constructed in 1960, the 66,000-square foot red-brick warehouse was formerly home to The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company–better called A&P, the now-shuttered grocer. Nowadays, it’s decidedly industrial smart; imposing, 19-foot ceilings and concrete floors function as foils to glistening white fixtures adorned with vibrant artwork and lively merchandise.

On opening night last Monday, Levine and the Jawdas hosted a dinner celebration nothing short of glamorous. Guests cheered new beginnings with “The Pink Panther,” a grapefruit-heavy cocktail made with Casa Dragones Blanco tequila, a dinner host along with Montrose restaurant Riel. Chef Ryan LaChaine served diners corn gnocchi, snapper and a peanut butter cake with honey and milk ice cream.

Before the dinner, Sarah Jawda believed everyone could still stand to loosen up.

“Shots?” She called, to that black clad waitstaff almost immediately descended on seated guests, armed with plastic cups of tequila.  

The identical lively attitude imbued the rest of the space. Brilliant, cartoonish characters adorn Levine’s artwork, googly eyes and technicolor monsters populating static, phone examples and even clocks.

Artists in their own right, the Jawdas’ aesthetic can be found anywhere from Saba’s epic modern abstracts to closely curated shelves–every block its vignette styled with items like Dian Hanson’s “The Big Butt Book” (exactly what it sounds) and styled prints from Jawda+Jawda’s “Veritas” greeting card line. Simple, bold graphics offer such witticisms as “will the bridges I burn off light the way” and “my love is conditional.”

Much like missives were plastered on hand-poured soy candles from Manready Mercantile–including, adroitly, “it’s lit.”

The night ended as celebratory since it started when servers introduced Larry Levine having a birthday cake topped with firecrackers.  

He remembered an inquiry from his business partner about 7800 Washington: “What would you think about us purchasing it and making it into something very awesome?”

“We started speaking about it, and we bought it,” Levine said, “and we are gonna make it into something awesome.”

Manready Mercantile

Men’s Apparel321 W. 19th St

Travis Weaver’s man-friendly apothecary manufacturer is now a full-fledged store whose items are seemingly selected for a single reason: guys think that they’re cool. As suc…


$ $$American/New American1927 Fairview St.

Ukrainian-Manitoban chef Ryan LaChaine named his restaurant after Louis Riel–the very first and past president of the provisional government of Saskatchewan and f.. .

Sudhindra V. Joins QGLUE as a Designer-in-Residence and Design Mentor /PR Newswire India/

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NEW DELHI, /PRNewswire/ —

Previously, the Chief Design Officer of IBM, Sudhindra V. has united QGLUE, a QAI-promoted design enterprise, including Designer-in-Residence, equity stakeholder and a Design Mentor.

(Logo: )

The writer of ‘Design Chronicles – Style is a mindset’, he was previously using Sapient Nitro as an Adventure Design Director.

Decorated with ‘The Most Innovative Product’ award in the National Infocomm Awards at Singapore, Sudhindra is a regular keynote speaker in various Design conferences and an advisor to multiple start-ups.

As previously, QAI’s effort is to evangelize ideas, concepts, resources and mindsets which are crucial to the development of the industry and competitiveness of organizations. QGLUE is precisely the the country’s layout and innovation sector.

Sudhindra joining QGLUE, a innovation and design company, comes out of a realization that products and services today should excel and compete on customer experience. It is that the ‘experience economy’, where costs, optimized and quality operations are confirmed. Layout and innovation are key to success in today’s experience economy, and it needs special care and attention.

With Sudhindra on board for a Designer-in-Residence, QGLUE is launching his Reunion Tour together with 2 Service Design Believing paths in Delhi and Bangalore, together with numerous exciting statements in the pipeline waiting to be disclosed.

About QGLUE: A venture by QAI  

QGLUE is the design and innovation venture of QAI.

QGLUE uses design to help companies build services which people love and affect the entire world. Employing human-centered strategy with strong methodology, QGLUE equips individuals to solve wicked problems by helping them attain a solution that is not merely right, but also desired.

QAI is a global workforce development and consulting firm which has been created in Orlando, USA at 1980. It has a global footprint with presence in India, USA, China, Singapore and Dubai; serves in 40+ countries with 30 decades of experience.

Media Contact:
Sonakshi Verma
Marketing & Communications
QAI Global

SOURCE QAI India Ltd..

9 UX Design Elements Every Web Designer Should Know

UX is one of the principal defining factor for measuring the achievement of a site. A business-goals-driven web design is a combination blend of exceptional user experience and website functionality. So dismissing the UX in your web design project could get you into trouble. Listed below are the 9 UX design elements you should know.

Hint#1: Create Sure Links Differentiate From additional TextThe only case you should use blue text into your website is to create links stick out. Ensure there’s not any confusion for the consumer in specifying which portion of their text is a link, the user should have the ability to spot where the link is taking them instantly. Any reference to a complete URL anywhere in your website must link to that page. Users also expect elements, for instance, reviews or images, to be clickable. If a link that consumers have already visited is in another color, they’ll know not to click on it and again avoid unnecessary clicking.

Hint#9: Create Buttons Reachable And ClickableThe switches onto your website must appear clickable, place them so there is sufficient space to get them. Often used activities on your website must be large buttons that stand out and are in places that are easy to get into. Subscribe to consumers that a specific component is clickable with background colours, borders and action-orientated labels. To guarantee your customers that their interaction with all the button has been powerful, make sure that a visual signal is present within 0.1 seconds once they click on the button. If you’re developing a level layout, action buttons stand out more from their activity orientated label if you create them a contrasting shade. To avoid your customers accidentally deleting or changing the information in their mobiles, make certain that the buttons are more difficult to tap.

Hint#10: Search BarUndoubtedly a search area is seen on just about any website. Although if your website has very minimal content, one might not be vital. A user on a desktop computer will constantly look for a search box, not unlike a text box and generally discover it in the upper right corner, so avoid placing it anywhere else where consumers might have trouble finding it. It must always be wide enough to see the whole search query.

Hint#11: Prevent CarouselsIt’s a great idea to prevent carousels, where each new slide erases the memory of the one before it since users can’t concentrate on more than 1 item at one time. Because dots are more difficult to find on cell websites, I suggest using pictures that peek from left to right rather. Descriptive labels tell users exactly what to expect from the next slide, therefore utilize those set up of navigation arrows. Regrettably, only around 1% of consumers decide to click on carousel slides, and therefore don’t rely on them choosing to do so. If users elect to click on a carousel that slips automatically, be certain the carousel becomes guide.

Hint#12: AccordionsAccordions are utilized to compress extended pages of articles on mobile websites. The other side of accordions is that they create brief pages that are more user-friendly compared to in-page jump hyperlinks, although the disadvantage of these is the increased interaction price. If you use accordions onto your website, provide a way to collapse enlarged content after the consumer has enlarged it.

Hint#13: Help & HintsThe goal of each webpage ought to be apparent when a consumer clicks on it. Most users don’t wish to use Help on your website, so explain its purpose and provide wizards, FAQs, and hints only when they are wanted. Help and instructions have to be compact and be distinguishable from many other interface elements. With over 1 hint at one time on sites and apps can be confusing for consumers, so make sure they appear one at a time in order that consumers can easily remember them.

Hint#14: IconsIcons ought to have a readily discernible goal and stick out in your website as recognizable. They should have the ability to explain their meaning visually. Avoid overusing them so that they don’t mess up your website, they are not decorations after all. Hint#5: ContentWhen visiting a site, users typically begin reading at the left corner and then scan the first couple of words of each paragraph, and so create your most important information stick out. High- priority articles must always be located at the peak of the internet page. You can use analytics to find out which are the priorities on different devices. Color and size comparison assist tell apart invaluable advice from supporting particulars. The priorities for mobile users are often context, location, and crisis information, in addition to location, events, telephone numbers and other contact info. Keep in mind that the people using your website won’t understand a whole lot of the favorite phrases utilized by businesses, so utilize straightforward phrases that many who use your website can understand. Employing jargon will estrange people who aren’t part of the business you’re part of thus refrain from using it on your website as it can causes confusion.

Hint#16: ReadabilityUse visual selection and also the text to make scanning easier for the consumers who come to your website, because they will probably not begin reading a large block of text without scanning first to determine if they need and will need to browse it.A larger distance between bullet lists, numbered paragraphs and lists makes it a lot easier for users to browse. Also, you have to ensure that the font of your website is not difficult to browse and interrogate, not modest and too tightly spaced together.

On mobile websites and apps, think about making a ribbon’s x-height larger to increase readability. Mobile websites always have to have improved font size to climb with the screen size, in addition to the headlines on these websites must be responsive as the residual content. Users will not look at anything that seems to be an advertisement, so make sure nothing seems to be just one.

Every paragraph should have no more than 1 thought to make reading easier. Keep in mind that, as I mentioned before, all sorts of readers can utilize your website, so avoid utilizing italicized text, since dyslexic readers will find it problematic to read. Readers also locate News and taglines in all caps annoying and hard to read.

ConclusionWe all take the fact that there is always a distance for individuals to understand and execute unique things within our website projects. Following the principles of UX will make your website a success. Therefore try the aforementioned elements and let me know in comments below about it.

About the Author

Daniel Shane is a franchising expert at Logo Orbit. He began his career as a web designer and later found himself in constructing marketing campaigns. He can be followed @danielshane96

Vandals Hit at Alberta College of Art and Design

Ben Moon figures he spent up to 50 hours crafting a mural, which was subsequently destroyed as well as others from vandals who invaded the Alberta College of Art and Design (ACAD).

But he said that a surveillance camera photograph of five young male suspects released by ACAD safety — and the consequent social media hunt it fuelled — paints a troubling picture for those offenders.

“I am pretty good with sociable networking, so whenever these guys shattered my artwork, I said, ‘you guys messed with the incorrect person,’ ” said Moon, a third-year painting major at ACAD.

The five were recorded by the security camera on Thursday at around 10:30 pm, exactly the exact same night Moon’s photo-3D sculpture branded Us was blasted along with two adjoining photo works splashed with paint.

The works were hung in a main hallway in the ACAD complicated and were produced for a final grade from the photography 217 class, said Moon.

“I was always respectful of other peoples’ property, so I believe they need a good spanking from somebody,” he said, referring to this vandals as “punks.”

“I place a lot of energy within this piece”

Moon figured he might have sold his bit for about $500, but added another two works, which he described as “amazing,” were probably worth more.

Luckily, he said, they’d already been graded, though the artwork pieces likely are not salvageable.

Together with the suspects’ image going viral later it had been released to ACAD pupils’ email accounts, ” Moon said he’s received help in identifying maybe three of these from the photograph, together with a few Facebook profiles.

“Another person also amazes me stating That He’s convinced he could identify two of those people in the picture, and that he’s contacted ACAD safety with all the information,” said Moon

The data has been passed to police.

“It is blown up on social networking, it’s certainly being researched,” said Const. Jason Sexsmith of the Calgary Police Service.

He could not say if there have been any arrests in the case.

Moon said that he wants more safety measures imposed by ACAD.

“I want ACAD to address this later on so it does not occur again,” he said.

However, Moon said he’s happy that the college is taking the event seriously.

on Twitter: BillKaufmannjrn