SP01 Design Tim Rundle Art Deco Furniture Collaboration

 Art Deco side tables

Photography by SIMONE FIORINI FOR SP01

Launched in 2016, SP01 is really the epitome of a modern global design manufacturer. Based in Australia, manufactured in Italy, and created in cooperation with artists from around the planet, the design firm is creating a name for itself through simple yet classic pieces. Along with also the corporation’s most up-to-date alliance is no exception.

In partnership with Tim Rundle, SP01 has released a 10-piece collection that includes armchairs, tables, mirrors, along with an ottoman. The line has been filmed in Milan Design Week 2017, and balances a modern geometric aesthetic with Art Deco and Modernist influences. The mixture of both of these styles makes for a set that feels both new and instantly timeless–even 1 bit in the line is sufficient to make a statement.

 SP01 new modernist furniture collection

Photography by SIMONE FIORINI FOR SP01

Much like SP01, Rundle himself is a research in international design. A native of New Zealand, he now runs on a London-based studio and established his collection for SP01 from the layout characteristics indigenous to pre-WWII Sydney. Sleek, clean lines of metal are offset by rich jewel-tone fabrics and luxe substances. Some of the pieces come in neutral colors for anyone adhering to a more minimalist colour palette, so there is something for everybody.

Though if you’re going to buy 1 item, make it that the Caristo Armchair. Easily the celebrity of the collection, this re-interpretation of the traditional retro wingback chair comes in more than 70 upholstery choices for complete customization and will give a vintage feel to your living room decor.

emerald green Art Deco armchair

Photography by SIMONE FIORINI FOR SP01

The set is on the pricier side: The ottomans begin at $700 whereas the armchairs begin at only around $2,000. Nevertheless, when you think about that the expert craftsmanship and classic design, they’re investment pieces worth splurging on. We talked to Rundle to learn about how the collaboration came about, and also what to expect from the line.

How did the partnership with SP01 come about?

A former colleague in Tom Dixon introduced me to Matt Lorrain, the Creative Director of SP01. We met at the Milan Furniture Fair soon after I had began my studio, and discussed SP01’s plans for the new brand. They had recently started their first set, which had been made by Metrica, an extremely respected Milanese design office, so I knew they were really severe. Shortly afterwards Matt got connected with a short for a new set, and it went from there.

 modern table mirror

Photography by SIMONE FIORINI FOR SP01

Can you inform us about your design inspiration for the cooperation?

A vital theme throughout the set is your concept of choosing classic furniture kinds and stripping them back to the key, which makes them visually mild in terms of the way that they occupy a space. Even the Caristo Armchair, for example, could be viewed as our take on a traditional wingback chair but considering all the bulk eliminated, and longing on a lightweight framework. Even the Shu-Ying, on the other hand, is a variant of a ‘bathtub chair’, the kind that you find in hotel lobbies and bars, which can be comfortable but compact.

 retro Art Deco armchairs

Photography by SIMONE FIORINI FOR SP01

How can you imagine the furniture being used?

The pieces are made to be appropriate for both business spaces in addition to houses, and are constructed to last. We’d really like to find these pieces passed down through generations.

 black contemporary side table

Photography by SIMONE FIORINI FOR SP01

In what ways will the set incorporate the pre-WWII structure of Sydney?

While the set is definitely not retrospective, it will acknowledge Sydney’s design history. As an example, the silhouettes of this Michelle Mirrors have a graphic sensibility that draw on from the arched forms prevalent in Art Deco interiors, but are also pared back and injected with functionality, such as the tiny side-table surface.

The modernist references really draw on postwar Italian Modernism and the feeling of confidence that has been portrayed through furniture made with lively stances and bold silhouettes at the time.

 contemporary floor mirror

Photography by SIMONE FIORINI FOR SP01

Can you have a favourite thing from the collection?

I am really pleased with the way the Caristo armchair turned out. The mount that connects the framework along with the plywood shell has been inspired by the simple, pragmatic method of hammering the conclusion of a steel tube to create a fixing stage. We chose this idea and refined it so that it’d feel appropriate on a luxury furniture piece.

Initially I thought we would have to throw a component to replicate the exact form, but working together with the Italian producers of the collection, we could recreate the method in an honest way, allowing the natural behavior of the substance to specify the form.

The collection will be available to buy in the US through YLiving in early 2018. Until then, contact info@SP01design.com to buy a piece directly from SP01, or take a look at some of the organization’s US retail partners.