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If you are wondering about Everence as it is being used in the United Kingdom, you should know that it is actually a new patented technology that allows you to get a tattoo with the DNA of your love in it. If that sounds fancy or even impossible, the Everence.Life company made the technology actually has a shopping cart where you can order a DNA collection kit for $395. You are expected to send the DNA of your loved within 14 days of ordering. What happens when the DNA sample is received?

The company site is going to process it and turn it into something that can be mixed with the ink in your tattoo. If that sounds novel to you, it does. But it is probably one of the most intimate ways that you can keep someone close. Couples have always had matching tattoos, with Everence, you will be upgrading the practice by actually adding each other’s DNA to the ink.

We just don’t know what happens to the DNA when having your tattoo laser removed when you break up. In any case, do not limit yourself to the idea of having your lover’s DNA on your skin. If you love your family especially your parents, ask for their DNA. The DNA collector kit is only good for one person, though, so if you want to include both parents, you will need to pay $790, and there is no guarantee the price will not increase in the future as the practice becomes popular.

If you are worried about the cleanliness of the process of making Everence, it’s not something you should worry about. The manufacturer has seen to it that the process is clean and that the product is safe to use. The only thing you need to worry about is the tattoo artist. Even if they are expensive, you should only work with professional artists that have a standard of cleanliness and have commercial-grade sanitation equipment.

We really don’t need to tell you, but more diseases have been passed down because of unsanitized needles.

Are there companies that make products that are similar to Everence? Not that we’ve heard of, which means you will only be one of a handful of people to have someone else’s DNA on your tattoo. We totally agree with you if you think that’s the highest expression of love.