Nature Meets Style In Art Basel Miami Beach

MIAMI BEACH, Fla: Celebrating character’s own wondrous gift, Kohler Co. a worldwide leader in the design and invention of kitchen and bathroom products, has recently teamed up with prestigious Milanese landscape architect Derek Castiglioni to create a verdant oasis and tropical escape against the backdrop of the ocean and Soho Beach House for Art Basel Miami Beach.

Kohler’s interactive exhibit, RealRain and Power of Water, will occur about the Soho Beach House boardwalk between the Soho Beach House property and the Beach. Just steps from the ocean, Soho Beach House guests will have the chance to pass via the RealRain exhibition moving into and from the beach.

The massive installation and lush green garden Pergola will surround the visitor with the feeling of being in a true water cascade. The open room with a spectacular landscape garden element made by Derek Castiglioni, overlooks the ocean and enhances the free drop of water from your KOHLER Real RainTM draining system. The shower was created with a water reservoir which relies on gravity in place of the normal pressurized spray to shape the warm water droplets, using 775 concave nozzles to initiate the feeling of a cloudburst – beginning slowly and then building into a deluge – mimicking an authentic rain shower. Kohler will also be highlighting the Veil Free-Standing Bath that provides a deep freezer bathing experience.

The interactive exhibit Kohler introduced at Art Basel Miami Beach further extends the organization’s commitment and encouragement of the arts.

Kohler’s Longstanding Support of the Arts
Kohler Co. has a longstanding record of continual encouragement and support of the arts, through advanced product designs, and also in its attempts to ease creative work out its core companies. For at least four decades, Kohler has jeopardized its legacy of supporting the arts during its famous Kohler Arts/Industry Residency app. Arts/Industry is currently a world-renowned artist-in-residence program controlled by John Michael Kohler Arts Center and also hosted/funded by Kohler Co., which fosters the intersection of art and also the industrial process and allows artists to learn more about the usage of industrial engineering in the creation of new bodies of work. Emerging and established artists from all over the planet work for two to six months on the factory floor together with the women and men who throw and complete Kohler plumbing solutions. An abrupt yet significant element of this residency has been the rapport which develops between the artists and the industrial employees.

Since the program’s inception, Kohler has hosted more than five hundred residencies, and artists from around the globe have worked in the Pottery, Iron and Brass Foundries, and also Enamel Shop of Kohler Co. in Kohler, Wisconsin, to create entirely new bodies of work which would have been hard or even impossible to make in their own studios.